About Us


Company Profile

Changzhou Fangsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd., founded in 2018 by a group of automotive technology enthusiasts, stands as a distinguished seat belt factory and a trusted name among seat belt suppliers. Specializing in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of seat belts and related parts, we have earned a reputation as custom seat belt manufacturers dedicated to delivering top-notch products.

Our state-of-the-art facility operates as a factory for seat belts, producing a diverse range of products, including seat belts, limit straps, and more. As one of the leading seat belt buckle manufacturers, we prioritize the highest standards of safety, innovation, and quality in every aspect of our production.

Beyond being recognized as a seat belt factory, our commitment extends to social responsibility and environmental protection. Actively engaged in community projects and charitable initiatives, we maintain collaborative relationships with local communities, contributing to the sustainable development of society.



As custom seat belt manufacturers, we understand the importance of flexibility in meeting diverse client needs. Whether it's for off-road vehicles, construction equipment, school buses, buses, amusement ride seats, or UTVs and ATVs, our products cater to various applications.


Environmental Protection

In addition to our role as seat belt suppliers, we are also proactive in environmental protection. We implement measures to minimize our production's environmental impact, reducing waste generation and energy consumption. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices aligns with our mission to develop and produce environmentally sustainable products.

★ In conclusion, Changzhou Fangsheng Auto Parts Co., Ltd. stands not only as a leading seat belt factory and supplier but also as a custom seat belt manufacturer committed to safety, innovation, and environmental responsibility.

Why Choose Us

100% Inspection

With our customer-first commitment, we conduct 100% inspection of each set of seat belts before they come off the production line to ensure that every product that leaves Fangsheng meets the highest quality standards. Your safety is our responsibility, so we adopt a strict inspection process to guarantee that every detail is carefully guarded.

Fast Delivery

At Fangsheng, we understand the importance of time. We are committed to providing fast and efficient shipping services to ensure that you receive the products you need in the shortest possible time. By choosing Fang Sheng, you are choosing a fast and reliable supply chain to provide swift support for your projects and business. Because we understand that your time is our responsibility.

24h*7 Support

With 24 hours * 7 days attentive after-sales service, we provide you with safe and reliable products based on the cornerstone of innovative technology and exquisite engineering. No matter when or where you encounter problems, our professional team will provide you with solutions at any time.